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How much does a Chill Out watercraft weigh?
It weighs 180 kg without batteries

What weight is the maximum load?

Are batteries included when you but a Chill Out watercraft?
No, they aren't included but we can certainly help you with recommendations.

How long does it take for the batteries to recharge after use?
Depending on which battery and charging device you decide to use, but no longer than 8hours to fully recharge.

How do you steer the watercraft?
There's a joystick that you use to steer the watercraft.

How do you start the engine?
There's the main switch you use to start the engine. You then have to move the joystick to get the watercraft in use. 

Are there any safety switches?
Yes, to prevent unauthorized people from using the watercraft, there is a kill stop. So when you remove the kill stop the engine cannot be started (just like that on a jet ski).

Maintenance and cleaning of the Chill Out watercraft
Maintenance is just like that of any other boat, but with the electric power and saltwater, you need to pay special attention to the corrosion of the metal parts of the engines. So regular cleaning and application of anti-corrosion materials are required to keep the boat in good condition. 

How long does it take to get the Chill Out delivery?
Depending on the occupant of the factory it will take 2-4 weeks to get it manufactured unless your dealer holds stock that can be delivered right away.

I'm interested in becoming a Chill Out dealer, is this possible?
Absolutely, we have dealership opportunities worldwide. Get in touch with us so we can talk.

How do I order a Chill Out watercraft?
Once we have finalized our worldwide dealer network, we will get all the details up on the website so you can get in touch with them directly. In the meantime, drop us an email as we will send you all the relevant details.

Where can I drive the watercraft?
The Chill Out watercraft is ideal for calm seas, lakes, dams and rivers with a slow current. 

Do I need a license to drive the Chill Out watercraft?
No, that's what makes the Chill Out watercraft so ideal. Anyone anywhere can drive it. 

If I decide to purchase a Chill Out watercraft, will you assist me in the shipping?
Of course, we have partners who deal with the ins and outs of getting the watercraft to you. You can use our recommendation for the shipping service or you can organize your own. It's up to you.

Where do I store my boat when it's not in use?
If you have a mooring place you can keep it inside the water throughout the season, otherwise, you can also easily launch it from the trailer whener you plan to spend the day in the water and store it in your garage. During winter you need to make sure to properly maintain the batteries and charge them regularly.

Can I buy a Chill Out watercraft trailer to take my boat with me when I go on a lakeside weekend away?
Yes, all our authorized dealers will be able to offer trailers.

What happens if I have problems with my Chill Out watercraft?
Contact your dealer directly, they will sort everything out for you!

Does the Chill Out watercraft come with a driving manual?
Of course. All the Chill Out watercraft come with a very detailed drivers manual that should cover all questions.

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